High School Instructors and CCC Faculty

High school instructors and college faculty are key to the success of our High School Connections programs. We want to make sure you have what you need. Here you will find information about programs, policies and procedures that affect you and your students.

New to High School Connections programs at CCC?

The college offers four High School Connections programs that award college credit to high school students.

  • If you are a high school instructor at a CCC partner high school, you may be eligible to teach Advanced College Credit (ACC) classes at your school.
  • If you are a CCC faculty member, you have opportunities to participate in ACC, High School Plus (HSP) and High School Career Technical Education Pathways (CTEP) programs.

If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, contact hsconnections@clackamas.edu.

Are you a high school instructor?

Advanced College Credit (ACC)

The ACC program at CCC operates under Oregon's High School Based College Credit standards for dual credit and sponsored dual credit, adopted in June 2016. ACC classes are college courses taken at the high school and taught by approved high school instructors. High school instructors must meet college credential requirements and align coursework to the college class.

Specific information about articulating new and/or renewing ACC courses is available in the ACC Instructor Handbook.

ACC Instructor Requirements

New course articulation request
Articulation renewal
Attend ACC instructor meetings
Syllabus submission


CCC offers ACC articulation workshops to help high school instructors with the process of submitting an articulation application.

Registration is required to attend. See the Workshop Registration Instructions for the registration form. Participants must register at least one week prior to the workshop they wish to attend.


  • Oct 15

    Oct. 15 Articulation Workshop

  • Jan 21

    Jan. 21 Articulation Workshop

  • Apr 8

    April 8 Articulation Workshop


ACC Instructor Resources

ACC program survey

Are you a CCC faculty member?

CCC Faculty Resources

Advanced College Credit (ACC)
High School Plus (HSP)
Career Technical Education Pathways (CTEP)
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