Wildland Fire Forestry CC

Wildland Fire Department | C.P.C.C. Career Pathway Certificate of Completion | Less than one year

Gain skills and training needed in the technical field of forestry and conservation with a certificate in Wildland Fire Forestry from Clackamas Community College.

The field of wildland firefighting and forestry is one of the most demanding, yet rewarding, lines of work. If you love the outdoors, yearn for adventure and travel and enjoy working as part of a team, then wildland fire could be for you.

Clackamas Community College Fire Science program provides education and training that can lead to seasonal or permanent employment with state, federal and private contract firefighting or within the timber industry.

There are many career tracks in the field of wildland firefighting and forestry. It's exciting work that requires fundamental survival, safety and firefighting skills.

Continuing Education for Firefighters

Separate from its degrees and academic certificates, Clackamas Community College also offers re-certification trainings and professional development opportunities for wildland firefighters, forestry workers, public land managers and natural resource field technicians.

Our language skills assessments, refresher courses and work capacity tests will boost your skills and allow you to advance in your profession.

Language Skills Assessment

Prompt and efficient communication between contractor crew personnel and incident personnel is mandatory for safe and effective performance on the fire line. To ensure language proficiency, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) requires all crew and squad leaders to pass the Language Skills Assessment.

The assessment is in two parts. The first is an oral assessment where the firefighter is asked questions verbally and must answer in either English or Spanish as requested. The second part is a written exam. The firefighter is given an Incident Action Plan (IAP) and must extract the answers to the questions from the plan. CCC offers several LSAs each spring and early summer.

Wildland Refresher Training (RT-130)

Wildland fire refresher training (RT 130) informs wildland firefighters of current issues and the upcoming fire season. This training is required annually by all federal, state and contract firefighters.

Training is provided to recognize and mitigate risk, maintain safe and effective firefighting practices, and reduce accidents and near misses. Clackamas Community College offers a five-hour refresher course each season. The college can arrange courses geared toward agency-specific requirements, such as fireline EMTs.

Work Capacity (Pack) Test

The Work Capacity (Pack) Test is a yearly requirement for all fireline personnel. We offer the test at all three levels: arduous, moderate and light. As a recognized Public Training Provider, our pack tests are overseen by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

After a safety briefing, participants will carry a weighted vest around the college track, completing 3 miles in 45 minutes (arduous).

Wildland Fire Forestry CC

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Description and Outcomes

Wildland Fire Forestry Core Requirements

Complete the following Core Requirements
  • BI-103
  • General Biology; Plants & the Ecosystem
  • 4
  • BI-103L
  • General Biology; Plants & The Ecosystem Lab
  • 0
  • FRP-101
  • Basic Forest Management
  • 3
  • FRP-102
  • Basic Forest Management Lab
  • 1
  • FRP-201
  • Advanced Forest Management
  • 3
  • FRP-244
  • Wilderness II: Basic Land Navigation (S-244)
  • 3
  • FRP-246
  • Wilderness IV: Backcountry CPR/First Aid/AED
  • 2
  • GIS-101
  • Principles of Geospatial Technology
  • 2
Total Credits Required: 18
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