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Training and Development

CCC Annual Required Trainings

Annual required trainings are assigned during fall term in NEOGOV Learn. To view and complete the required trainings, visit NEOGOV Learn.

Advanced Degree Program (Tuition Reimbursement)

CCC has collaborated with George Fox University, Linfield College and Willamette University to help all current full-time classified, annually contracted full-time faculty, and administrative and administrative professional CCC employees obtain an advanced degree with a discount.

Discount offerings:

  • George Fox University offers a $10,000 tuition discount to those who are enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program
  • Linfield College will waive one-third of online tuition per academic term for those that are working toward an online bachelor's degree at Linfield
  • Willamette University offers a $20,000 tuition discount to all employees enrolled into the Master of Business Administration program. Additional information on this partnership is available.

To be eligible, employees must have earned a minimum of an associate degree, have a current professional development plan on file in Human Resources, and be seeking a degree from an accredited institution. Upon completion of each course with a passing grade, CCC will reimburse one-third of tuition costs (up to $245.85/credit).

To submit an advanced degree reimbursement, please submit an HR Service Desk ticket using the Benefits category and include:

  1. A completed request for payment (RFP) form with your staff ID# for the vendor # on the top left
    • HR will enter the account code and be authorizing signature
    • The RFP form can be found on the Business Office website
  2. Itemized invoice with proof of payment
  3. Proof of passing grade(s)

Professional Development

CCC encourages employees to enhance knowledge, skills, job performance and professional competencies. The college recognizes that for development purposes, employees may need to attend classes, trainings, workshops, participate in skill-building, or join professional associations which promote professional growth and development.

To access professional development funds, review the guidelines for your association/employee group and submit the required forms to HR via the HR Service Desk ticket using the Benefits category.

Admin/Admin Professional

Associate Faculty

These funds are managed by the Associate Faculty Professional Development Committee. If you have any questions or would like to apply for these funds, please contact Mary Jean Williams directly at

Full-Time Classified

Full-Time Faculty

Sabbatical Leave

A faculty member becomes eligible for sabbatical leave of up to one (1) academic year after completion of six (6) years of continuous service as an annually contracted faculty member. After a leave has been taken, six (6) years of continuous service as an annually contracted faculty member must be served before the faculty member becomes eligible to take another leave. See the full-time faculty collective bargaining agreement for additional information.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Sabbatical Committee Co-Chairs Nora Brodnicki and Amanda Coffey.